High Quality Aerial Photography, Videography, Mapping, and So Much More!

Are you looking for aerial photography or drone services in Gainesville? We do it all using the latest DJI drone technology. The professional imagery and data that we provide adds value to virtually any industry.

Aerial views have always been used to provide a unique perspective to many industries. Until now however, this costed thousands of dollars and required chartering an airplane. Not any more! With the advent of portable drone technology we can now be up in the air, capturing aerial footage within minutes!

Take a look at some of our pages - We serve many industries with aerial services, ranging from real-estate, power generation, television, Hollywood, insurance adjusting, construction, agriculture and so much more!

We collect aerial data for you - this data is available sooner, contains more detail than ever before, and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. There isn't an industry that can't be assisted by aerial technology

Aerial imaging makes it so farmers can spot signs of damage on their crops before an actual problem occurs.  Utility maintenance and structural inspections greatly reduce the risk of hazards. Aerial surveys of land can help developers make smart decisions before building commences on a project. Aerial photography can help realtors sell their properties faster than ever before. As you can see the possibilities are endless.

The Aerial Services We Provide:

We're a Perfect Fit For These Industries:

Search and Recue

Film Production

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