General Questions

Veuwr Aerials employs pilots that are FAA Part 107 certified and as a company we are fully compliant with all FAA registration and licensing requirements for commercial sUAS operations. We also hold additional waivers that allow us to fly under conditions and in locations that other companies legally cannot. We are also able to obtain additional waivers as needed for jobs.

Is the "company" you were looking at charging cheap prices and flying under the radar so to speak?. They are flying in violation of FAA law. Anyone operating an unmanned vehicle between .5 and 55 pounds in weight for commercial purposes must have their part 107 Certification and have registered their drone.

Veuwr Aerials carries full flight liability insurance through our insurance partner, Verifly.

Our aerial drones and equipment are also fully insured.

sUAS insurance is very different than general business liability or professional liability insurance, and it is exceedingly rare that a general business or professional liability insurance will cover damage from a flying object.

The pilots at Veuwr Aerials have over 7 years of experience in flying, repairing, and training other pilots in aerial unmanned aircraft and other forms of remote controlled aircraft, including operations for productions in reality TV shows. 

Veuwr Aerials has over 5 years of highly acclaimed work experience with clients throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, California, and many other states. We've built many relationships over the years and come highly recommended.

Unfortunately we're not able to guarantee that we can fly at every location. Our pilots follow the rules put into place by the FAA, which include No Fly Zones around airports, state parks, government buildings, and other similar locations.

Veuwr Aerials will verify airspace viability before we provide you with a quote, and again before we fly the location to ensure full compliance with the FAA.  

Veuwr Aerials has a perfect safety record, has never filed a liability claim, and has no safety infraction record with the FAA, NTSB, or local agencies throughout years of commercial flight operations.

Many companies offer flat rate pricing without taking into account the actual time or effort that goes into producing a quality product.

Not us. We base our pricing on specifically what each clients needs and therefore are always able to excel past the competition. This allows us to tailor charges based on just the services you need and not charge you for services you don't need. When it comes to aerial photography and videography, you will find that costs can vary greatly between companies. Please note that cheap doesn’t always equal value if the final imagery that you receive is not of high standards, and that the most expensive doesn’t mean you are going to get quality, either.  

Veuwr Aerials takes pride in providing every client with the most exceptional imagery possible at an affordable rate, perfectly tailored for each clients individual needs. 

Our home base is Alachua, FL and our focus areas are in North and Central Florida along with South Georgia. That being said, for large projects we serve the entire world. We've flown throughout the entire United States - All 50 states with clients from small businesses to multinational companies. We've flown in South America, Asia, and even in the Arctic Circle of Canada!

Needless to say, we are based out of Florida and therefore can provide aerial services at a rate that doesn't include travel costs in the southern region. For a project of magnitude however we're happy to travel :)

If it involved a flying object, we do it well! We work with aerial imagery and footage for construction, site progress and management, insurance inspections, roofing companies, real estate listings, land surveys, 3D mapping, weddings, special events, television, film, agriculture, mining, demolition, land management, forestry, and much, much more. We also offer the capability of lifting heavy cinema systems such as the Red Cameras or Blackmagic Cameras cameras for cinema grade filmography, and we also train first responder, law enforcement, and civilians in the art of flying a UAS.

In addition to the traditional aerial services available above, Veuwr Aerials specializes in indoor and tight space flights We also have experience flying in a closed set, in tight and high precision environments.  Our founding pilot learnt how to fly at a time when GPS simply didn't exist for RC aircraft, and pilot skills are our #1 priority.

The Veuwr Aerials fleet changes from time to time. That being said, we're primarily a DJI company and firmly hold the belief that as of 2018 no other competitor offers a comparable product.

Currently we fly the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Inspire 1 Pro, DJI Inspire 2, and we rent a Matrice 210 if required for large jobs.

Content is typically provided to our clients digitally within 2-5 business days after the date of the flight. This allows time professionally editing them, then uploading the images to a secure server accessible only to you.

If you have a deadline to hit, please discuss it with your Veuwr Aerials representative. We're happy to accommodate but communication is key!

The number of pictures that you will receive varies with the type of job we're flying for you. Rest assured we do not charge per image and will always take as many images or as much footage as is required to properly show off the property or subject of our flight.

If you have a specific need please discuss it with us beforehand so that we can get you exactly what you need!