Veuwr Acquires Iris Aerials - Read More About Our Purchase

Quick Update:

On November 18th, 2016 Veuwr bought Iris Aerials, an established aerial imaging and videography company that is also based out of Gainesville.

Iris Aerials has been doing amazing work for 3 years and their company values strongly coincided with ours.

As listed on their website their values are:

  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Professionalism

They've been doing mostly focused on the real-estate and agricultural industries and lately have been getting the insurance adjusting and construction and building/pipeline inspection industries.

With this acquisition Iris Aerials will be merged with Veuwr brand and their services shall be offered under Veuwr's umbrella. In addition to the branding change Iris Aerials will now be operated by our team who are also experienced pilots and camera operators.

Veuwr will also take ownership of all of Iris Aerials drones and from now on the company shall be referred to and known as Veuwr Aerials.

We want to assure all of Iris Aerial's customers that the level of service and quality of footage shall only increase with this acquisition. Veuwr exists to serve.