"When a customer spends $50,000 on a parking lot, you should be able to hand them a photo of their new parking lot and say 'this is where you’re money went,’”

  • Stockpile management and inventory solutions.
  • Before and After pictures for clients.
  • Road project planning.
  • 3D Panoramas for inspections.
  • More accurate quoting process.

We're perfect for Residential and Commercial Asphalt Paving Companies, Concrete Work, Stripping Services, Seal Coating, Maintenance and Repair Work, Handicap Accessible Ramps, Parking Lot Creation - You'd be surprised to know how much we can do for every single one of these services!

"Before we hired Veuwr Aerials, my team was able to estimate 1 parking lot a day. That’s with driving, measuring the lot, counting spots, estimating the linear cracks, etc. With aerial imaging we can now quote from our office as we're able to go off the images... That's how accurate they are.”



"With bigger parking lots, Veuwr and their imaging solutions have saved me over 90% of my quoting costs”

Drone Applications For Road Work

Data collected from our aerial system can be used to create topography maps with elevation contour lines, and detailed 2D and 3D models that are both accurate and up to date.As the road project moves along ongoing aerial missions can capture the movement and excavation of land and materials and assist with surveying and planning of the next steps in the project. Estimators, Team Leads, and DOT teams can easily plan and monitor roadwork projects, and identifying issues on the fly that may cause delays or lead to additional costs. Our cloud-based reporting system makes it easy for your personal to access collaborate on the maps and models from anywhere in the world.

Aerial Drones Bring Massive Cost Savings

The Minnesota Department of Transportation recently completed a study on the benefits of using drones to inspect roads and bridges. MDOT estimated that a standard bridge deck inspection costs $4,600, takes eight hours, a crew of four people and heavy equipment. The same inspection with a drone takes just two people and two hours, at a significantly lower cost.

Asphalt Paving Parking Lot Inspections

Aerial systems, with their high resolution - high accuracy cameras, have brought high quality imagery for inspections.The days of sending a team out to take a look at the old lot are gone - with drones you can now have a pilot flying in the area within hours. The imagery that he captures can be stitched together to create 360 degree panoramas that can be walked through as if a person was there.On a recent job we actually saved a local asphalt company thousands of dollars on just their pre-quote costs.

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