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An Introduction to the Airpsace Surrounding Gainesville

Gainesville is a large city in Gainesville that is home to The Florida Gators and The University of Florida. The University of Florida also has a teaching hospital, Shands, that is classified as a level 1 trauma center. This means that they have incoming lifeline helicopter traffic coming in at unpredictable times that simply cannot be interfered with.

In Gainesville we have to be aware and respectful of the following sources of Air Traffic

  • Gainesville Regional Airport

GNV is a modest airport located in North-Eastern Gainesville that is home to over a hundred General Aviation aircraft. It is also a regional hub for Delta airlines and American Airlines also has a few commercial flights a day. On arrival and departure these flights use a significant amount of airspace above the city of Gainesville, with a large part of East Gainesville falling within restricted airspace.

Veuwr aerials and its pilots have an FAA Airspace Authorization to fly in this restricted airspace without prior notice to the control tower. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into being the Aerial Service company in Florida that is legal to fly in the most area.

  • University of Florida

The University campus goes through much of Central Gainesville, extending down to the Southern region. The FAA has clarified that they alone control the airspace and that local officials may only attempt to restrict the take-off and landing of drones. The University of Florida has put laws in place which mean that every UAS pilot must get permission from UF before flying from UF property.

Veuwr aerials have connections in place which make it so that we can often get same-day approval for legal flights within the University campus or in any area where UF has jurisdiction. As a matter of fact, we’ve even captured Aerial Video for an episode of Americas Got Talent over the Gainesville Gator Stadium in 2018.

  • Shands Hospital

This hospital is located in Southern Gainesville. As we mentioned before Shands has an incoming stream of helicopter traffic with trauma injuries from across Alachua County and the state. Shands Air traffic is dispatched by ShandsCair and we have a process set up to accommodate for your flights in the area. We’ve flown countless times in the area in coordination with ShandsCair in the area surrounding the Shands Hospital and the VA Hospital.

  • North Florida Regional Hospital

NF Hospital is located in Western Gainesville, right next to the I75, and has occasional air traffic coming in, albeit less so than Shands. We have worked with the logistics team at North Florida for multiple UAS flights in the area and have even captured photos of the hospital itself.

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