UASs are cheaper to fly than manned aircraft and faster than human surveyors, and data can be collected far more frequently than either, letting you track progress with accuracy previously unheard of. With our software you can turn the collected data into topographical maps, 3D models, and volumetric measurements (which can be used to monitor resources and stockpiles). This intelligence allows construction companies to deploy resources, minimize potential issues, lower overhead, and speed up projects.

  • 2D orthomosaics.
  • algorithmically modified 3D point clouds.
  • photorealistic 3D meshes.

End-to-end data flow is a HUGE upgrade for the construction industry, and is something we can definitely help your company with!

What can drones do for the construction industry?

One of Technology partners, Skycatch made this video to showcase the way drones can be used in the construction industry.
Veuwr Aerials uses Skycatch's software and hardware for some jobs that involve construction data capturing.

Estimates say 15% of materials delivered to construction sites end up in landfills, due to mismanaged scheduling and purchasing. The American Institute of Architects has stated that building-related waste makes up anywhere from 25% to 40% of America’s solid-waste stream.

We capture flyover marketing videos in 4K quality to wow everyone with!

Helps you plan lay down plans, site and resource utilization, and equipment moves

Progress photos for presentations, reports, meetings, and prints

topographic maps can be created in minutes for sitework and layout teams

Stay on schedule and measure cut and fill daily to track exact progress.

Our data helps you inspect your infrastructure before issues pop up

Use photorealistic 3D models to visualize progress in construction

Our data ties in perfectly to Building information modeling systems

The Many Roles Drones Can Play

Construction projects are time-consuming, complex and require a lot of resources and skills. Mistakes cost money. Construction involved a lot of legwork with managing and documenting progress, inspecting new structures, and keeping an eye on the tiny details that can lead to big mistakes.

Aerial data captured from drones gives us unprecedented aerial images of a project site, much more accurate and realistic than satellite imagery or ground based photography. Drones have a large number of places in construction as a surveying tool, a marketing tool, and progress shots to record the actual progress and conditions of a project.

With our drone services costs can be reduced and the job site can be made safer. We can provide assistance during roof inspections, emergency assessments, insurance surveys and post-disaster relief. Our data can also be used to complete post-blast surveys.

Aerials are everything

Quickly create regular aerial maps of the construction site to track progress and share data between the team across desktop and mobile devices. Bring designs to life and make smarter quality assurance decisions with information models that have high-resolution point clouds of actual site conditions.


“We use Veuwr Aerials to measure stockpiles, inventory and pit planning, It's changed the way we do things..”


BBI Construction
“We have a drone on every construction site... It's game-changing”


Mega Construction


DKA Construction
"It’s less about hype and more about real, tangible’s already rewriting how we do construction"