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Veuwr Aerials flew a Phantom 4 Pro drone around the construction happening for the Whole Foods in Gainesville, FL in the Butler Plaza area, before it opened in 2018. Here’s some of the pictures that we took on this flight. We hope you enjoy them:

Veuwr Aerials Shoot JAX–2

Commercial Real Estate and Drones There’s no denying that aerial video and aerial photos are absolutely stunning to look at! Studies show that high quality images can make or break a real estate sale or leasing decision! We were hired by a prominent Florida based property management company to make a promotional video for two

Veuwr Aerials Archer Road Butler Plaza Gainesville Aerial Photography–11

Drones Are Used In The Construction Industry: Not just in tier 1 cities, but in Gainesville as well! We were recently contacted by a consortium of companies that are building a project in Butler Plaza in Gainesville. We were contacted with a simple question. What can drones do for construction projects? How can drones save them money?

part 107 certified and carrying full insurance

Are Drones Legal In Florida? Are you looking for a Gainesville based drone operator but don’t know where to start? Have you been getting aerials from a drone operator who only accepts cash and gives you terrible quality imagery? Are you looking for a legitimate company that is actually based out of Florida that gives you safe, legal, and

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Packs of Money

The FAA is Overworked, Underpaid, and Seriously Slacking. Yes, the FAA is America. On March 7, the FAA released a document which tasked its Drone Advisory Committee (DAC), a long-term advisory board comprised of drone and tech industry leaders, with providing recommendations on how to fund the integration of drones into the National Airspace System (NAS). Harmless, right? ― but the

Construction and Drones

Introduction: As an aerial photographer I’m used to looking at the world from above, and getting the views that used to be so seldom seen. I used to fly RC aircraft long before the days when you could buy an off-the-shelf DJI quadcopter and take “aerial photography”. My work in the aerial field has got me

Drones in Asphalt Paving

One of our premier partners contacted us a few days ago regarding a new job that had come up in Lake Park, Georgia – right on the border with Florida. The job was for a paving contractor that was about to put in new pavement for a large distribution center for a popular home department

2017 is shaping up to be an interesting year for aerial law. 2016 brought us part 107. Part 107 revolutionized the way commercial flights were done. Gone were the days where you needed to apply for 333 exemption and wait for months for it to be approved. We’re certainly going through turbulent times, both in the

Lakes in Orlando

Veuwr Acquires Iris Aerials

Quick Update: On November 18th, 2016 Veuwr bought Iris Aerials, an established aerial imaging and videography company that is also based out of Gainesville. With this acquisition Iris Aerials will be merged with Veuwr brand and their services shall be offered under Veuwr’s umbrella. In addition to the branding change Iris Aerials will now be